What not to wear for dogs…

September 1, 2007

What your dog wears can change its life!

How to choose the colours that suit your fur the most, which fashion accessories you should look for, how to store your dog clothes, how to revamp your wardrobe without spending a fortune.

There cannot be anybody out there that doesn’t know that if you have chunky calfs you should be wearing an A line skirt and a court style shoe, not a pencil skirt? Of course not. Trinny and Susannah have educated us all and we are now all looking the very best we can – or at least we will be soon…….

However, many of us (and I don’t want to point the finger but you know who you are) have not applied ‘the rules’ to our fantastic four legged friends. Why not! Well let us not over chastise ourselves, but rather redress this oversight right now.

Let Elmo help your doggie chum know ‘What not to wear’.

Let’s start with the neck of course. A thick bull-doggy neck can either be accentuated with a studded collar if you are hoping to achieve a macho look, or perhaps disguised with the clever use of a harness if your goal is to look thinner. Choose jackets and tops with a v neck or a high collar and of course avoid the polo neck. Skinny necks look elegant with a thin delicate collar and think carefully about your identity tag – remember consider the colour and how it matches your fur. Remember that the way you wear your ears can also enhance the shape of your head and neck. If you have a long sausage-dog torso you need to be wearing something to shorten your body thus giving you the appearance of longer legs. Doggy Sleeveless tops will proportionally make your front legs much chunkier. Long toned legs are definitely an asset (many years of running around in the park) so do not be shy to show them off. As they are long you will have to be careful never to wear mid-length sleeves, but most other shapes work fine.

Well of course we all want to look our best and now we can. Elmo has a fantastic range of dog clothing and fashion accessories for the image-conscious dog that wants to make the most of life. You are what you wear – and Elmo is here to care.